What to include in your list:
Include all bags, trash bags (keep these to a minimum), luggage, # of boxes (including sizes and how many are full of books, vinyl records, super-dense black holes, etc), furniture, mirrors, etc. Be as exact as possible, so that we can best schedule you and others on the same day, and give you the most accurate estimate.

include how many are small, medium, large, extra large, how many are full of books, etc
Sizes? Do they all have lids?
Include sizes; please do not fill these with books. We’re strong, but we’re still human. 😉
Garbage Bags/Ikea Bags/Reusable Shopping Bags
The less of these, the better!
Mattresses/Box Springs
Include sizes, are they super freaking heavy crazy mattresses or are they on the lighter side
Bed Frames
Ikea-type, solid wood, brass, does it have drawers, is it disassembled or will we need to disassemble it for you?
Include whether or not they are sofabeds or reclining chairs
Any mirrors? Solid wood or IKEA?
Quantities, whether they are IKEA-type or Solid Wood, Please make sure these are completely empty by the time we arrive! We won’t move full dressers.
Sizes, Approximate Weight, Magic Spells
Odds n Ends
all that random stuff. Try to get this in boxes if you can; it’ll make everything move a lot faster
Everything else!

Note: If you’ve added a lot of large photos, the form may take a while to upload after pressing submit. Please be patient while the internet Goddess does her work!