It’s stressful, arduous, overwhelming, and it can have this way of making you feel so freaking alone. Even if you just need to move one or two items, allowing people into your home to handle your personal things is an intimate and vulnerable act. I mean—that’s your LIFE they’re touching.

We get that.

We are a crew of therapists, activists, artists, and organizers who see moving as a way to support individuals and communities in getting where they need to go safely, gently, efficiently, and with style.

It’s our mission to provide a safer space for folks who are moving in NYC and beyond, while providing our crew with a consistent living wage in a positive and nurturing, growth-oriented environment.

We see ourselves as a community organization, and we love our clients. We can’t wait to help move you closer to your next big thing.

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Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, and beyond.